Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

Integrity, honesty, transparency and professionalism are words that are embedded throughout our company and essential to delivering a service required by all that seek our services

Our company is dedicated to improving and advancing the service delivery of all those employed within this industry. We have completed a structural plan that guides us towards achieving our aims both as a company but also how we intend to influence and enhance the skills base of operatives throughout the Queensland.

All of those operatives that represent our company are given detailed briefings that set out our expectations and standards. These specific goals are contained within performance sheets in order that we can continue to assess and monitor our service ensuring that we are maintaining our professionalism and achieving our goals.

We aim to provide our client with a professional and quality service.

To be a perceptive listener, identifying, complying with client needs, wants and concerns.

To complete investigation/security in required time frame and give feedback to client.

To provide the client with quality and professional service.

Management consultant will meet with you every month for a follow up review.

Provide client with final report of security, investigation, surveillance, in reference to issue or event.

Collection of personal and confidential information will be stored in secure and safe environment or destroyed upon client request.

Our Objectives

Our strategic objectives fall under the following categories:

Protecting the public – ensuring that only fit and proper people and organizations deliver regulated private security services.

Customer service – delivering services which meet the needs of our customers.

Delivering value – operating within our means and delivering value for money.

Developing our people and organization – ensuring our staff have the competencies and skills to perform effectively and maximize their potential.

Delivering a phased transition to a new regulatory regime – working with the private security industry and other key stakeholders to develop the principles and framework for a new regulatory regime.