Care taking Services

Care taking services

When a property becomes vacant, event for the shortest period of time, it becomes vulnerable to crime and unwanted visitors. With our care taking services, we can take on several responsibilities to ensure your property remains safe and managed when you aren’t there.

One of the benefits of our caretaking services is the fact that our visits will mean your property isn’t left vacant, meaning as well as taking on your property management we can also act as a crime deterrent for your building.

If you require a structured and professional approach to your caretaking needs, contact our office today and find out about the many services we can offer you that will benefit your internal processes, free up your time and give you the peace of mind that your building is in safe hands

  • Internal and External foot Patrols
  • Random Covert Mobile Patrols
  • Building check and lockup
  • Static Security Guard

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