Infidelity Matters

Cheating Partners

At Eye Spy Private Investigators & Security – We specialize in busting cheating partners and spouses!

Your instincts and certain signs will make it clear to you that your partner may be cheating. Your partner may be avoiding your telephone calls and not returning your messages. There could be situations where your partner is trying to hide his or her mobile phones. Your partner may have started spending more time away from you and home and this may not have been the case previously

Some relationships can be suspicious of your partner’s commitment and faithfulness. There are many signs to look out for if you feel something isn’t right, that is why you should hire a private investigator.

Don’t feel nervous about contacting us, to discuss your surveillance needs. We guarantee confidentiality and discretion when conducting all investigations into cheating partners for our clients.

We will listen when no one else will. If you are feeling that something is suspicious about your partner, our professional investigators can assist and provide you with the information you require.

Eye Spy Private Investigators understand you’re emotionally rollercoaster ride and state of mind; we listen to all your concerns and advise you on the best possible strategies.

We strive and are committed to getting you answers for your own peace of mind. Eye Spy Investigators specialise in covert surveillance we try to collect as much video evidence of the subject as possible in the shortest time frame without compromising the investigation.

Some Clues on an unfaithful spouse

Change in attitude spouse can become angry, abusive, verbal outspoken, secluded, lack communication, no patience. Personal appearance can intensify by taking more interest in their appearance, buying new clothes, working out at the gym more often; clothing may have a different smell, when arriving home head directly to shower. Daily Behaviour can result in starting work earlier or staying back late continually, extended lunch periods, spending more time with friends than normal, taking extra clothes to work regularly. Emotionally isolated, progressively more self-absorbed, less interested in their partner and family needs, showing no interest in their relationship or marriage,excessive talk about some new friend or colleague at work. The cheating spouse maybe less interested in sex or becomes sexually promiscuous and request unusual fetishes, frequently making excuses to avoid being intimate, evades going to bed until you are asleep. Discreet mobile phone calls, appears to more protective and hides mobile phone, password locked and does not want you to know the access code, answers a call when you ask who it is you’re told it was a wrong number, frequently deleting SMS messages. Late nights and long hours on the computer, secret password or access to login, Minimise computer screen when you walk in. Spouse’s vehicle smells different; kilometre reading is higher than normal, change of clothes left in vehicle, condoms found, baby seat has been taken out of car or moved.

Suspecting your partner of cheating is massively distracting and painful for you. It’s often the uncertainty of an unfaithful partner that can be potentially harmful to your relationship. Eye Spy PI can remove the doubt and set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem.

Our private investigation service is the simple way to work out whether or not your suspicions are well founded.

If your partner is cheating you definitely have the right to know.If they are not then you need proof in reference to your uncertainty and concern. Our evidence will enable you to confront your situation. If the evidence suggests your partner isn’t cheating, you will gain peace of mind which will allow you to get your life back on track.