Key Holding & Alarm Response Services

Key Holding & Alarm Response Services

Eye Spy PI Security is a fully licensed and accredited security company offering a comprehensive range of security solutions throughout the Brisbane. Our cost-effective key holding and alarm response solutions give you peace of mind by ensuring that a rapid and effective security response is initiated if you need immediate access or if an alarm has sounded. Professional key holding can benefit your business by eliminating the need to allocate and manage internal key holders, and by ensuring that only properly trained security personnel – as opposed to your staff – arrive at potentially dangerous scenes

  • 24/7 alarm response and key holding services
  • Rapid alarm response
  • Emergency service liaison
  • Health & safety and first aid trained
  • Scheduled and random mobile patrols

We understand how important it is that your property is properly protected. That’s why we always respond to any alarm as quickly as possible – even if that’s in the middle of the night. You won’t know what’s caused an alarm to go off until you arrive at the scene. This means that you could possibly be walking into a dangerous situation. Our highly-trained security staff know how to apprehend and detain criminals and will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf. If emergency repairs need to be made – such as boarding up windows – our staff will be able to facilitate these.

Not only does professional key holding keep you out of danger, it also means that you won’t have to respond to false alarms sounding during anti-social hours. This means that you and your staff will never be put at risk of driving over the limit, and that you will no longer have to select, train and manage internal key holders. You will also avoid any compensation claims made by staff injured whilst undertaking key holding duties. If required, we can provide a detailed report of every alarm response so that you are able to spot any trends and make necessary adjustments.

We will keep a set of your keys in a secure off-site location. This means that, even if you lock yourself out, you will have guaranteed 24/7 access to your property. In conjunction, we offer mobile security patrols so that your property is monitored even when no alarm has sounded.



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