Logistics & Distribution Security Services

Logistics & Distribution Security Services

Security solutions to the logistics and distribution. Our all-inclusive security packages contain everything required to keep your logistics and distribution business secure. Highly-qualified and licensed, our security officers have been trained to deal with a broad range of threats, and have all undergone our own internal training program.

It is important that businesses working in the logistics and distribution industries are able to properly protect their assets. Logistics and distribution companies often hold valuable equipment, stock and goods on their premises. A burglary or theft will cost you money and could make it difficult to meet your customers’ demands. We make sure that your premises are properly protected against thieves, vandals and other criminals.


Industrial Manufacturing and factory Security Services

We will work closely with the industrial and manufacturing industries, providing tailored factory and industrial security solutions to protect our clients, people, premises and assets.

It is crucial that manufacturing plants, industrial sites and factories are properly secured. Housing expensive machinery, tools and chemicals, factories are a regular target for criminals and thieves. And, with dangerous substances and equipment on the premises, those operating factories need to have excellent internal security practices in place to ensure the safety of visitors and staff

With constant high volumes of visitors and workers passing through your doors, extensive stock and expensive equipment lying around, factories make for an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime. Eye Spy PI Security are on hand we’ll tackle all of the challenges your factory premise offers head on. We’ve combined our expertise and experience by providing the following efficient and value add services to keep your factory protected at all times:

  • Identification and search process of visitors
  • Implementing and monitoring of CCTV
  • Monitoring of your access points
  • Keeping log books
  • Alarmed Response
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Patrolling external and internal perimeters

Integrating our unbeatable, qualified and trained factory security guards with our expertise. We’ll provide that all important deterrence your factory needs to warn off criminals and opportunists. Aiding our human presence with CCTV monitoring and mobile patrols we can ensure that there’s no area of your premise left uncovered. With many factories located in remote locations, upholding a rigorous factory security plan will indicate that your site is by no means a site that makes it easy for vandals, thieves and intruders of any kind to take advantage of. With many warehouses and factories falling victim to expensive equipment being stolen and machinery being tampered with, this is not only financially detrimental but can leave your staff operating dangerous equipment. To prevent this, our security officers can perform random patrols through the night when you’re most at risk, to give you the peace of mind that when you lock up for the day your assets are under our watchful eye.

Keeping not only your workers and stock safe we can also make it our job to promote safety within your site and ensure that all those visiting or operating heavy, dangerous equipment and stock are doing so in the safest possible manner. Ensuring your daily operations are carried out appropriately allows you to get on with the job at hand and keeps your factory accidents to a minimum.

Simply give Eye Spy PI Security a call today if you want to hire security for factories and our team will work with you to implement a cost and time effective security solution tailored to your exact needs.

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