Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Protecting assets is a key factor in maximizing retailers’ profitability. Retailers can reduce inventory shrinkage by implementing a loss prevention plan and officer. Eye Spy PI & Security have experienced covert and overt loss prevention officers.

In order to stop a shoplifter, retailers must first be familiar with the categories of shoplifters, common shoplifting methods, and know what to look for in customers who exhibit strange behavior. Eye Spy loss prevention officers are professional, specializing in identifying and the deterrence of potential offenders.

Our loss prevention officers are experienced and have the skills to spot a shoplifter; we will assist and advise you of theft prevention implementing strategies for asset protection.

Security offers a range of loss prevention services designed to reduce retail shrinkage within your business.  Looking after your retail space as a whole, we implement consistent and results driven solutions to ensure you are physically doing everything you can to prevent losses within your store.

Deploying static guards, store detectives, acting as your front of house presence and generally providing you with a strong visual deterrent.

Here are a few areas our loss prevention officers can help you with: Offering the ultimate protection when it comes to your retail business, discreet store detectives can take your security to the next level and provide your stock and staff with the protection it needs. Reducing your chances of becoming victim to theft, store detectives can seamlessly integrate themselves onto your store floor and be the much needed eyes and ears of your business.

Understanding that you simply don’t have the time to monitor every single customer, we can implement the following services to allow you to continue with business as usual. We advise you on loss prevention strategies, advice on internal processes and much more.





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