Maritime Security

Maritime Security

We understand that maritime security is becoming an increasing concern for those operating ports, harbors and docks. Dealing with offshore facilities and shipping across the globe means these locations are often at extreme risk, targeted by terrorists and other criminal activities. As our Australia and international seas become more dangerous it’s imperative that you have a maritime security provider to ensure your cargo, reputation and employees are always in safe hands.

It goes without saying that criminals will look to take advantage of a soft target which will offer them maximum gain with minimum effort. However, once you deploy the appropriate maritime port security you can immediately diminish your risk and instill the deterrence you need to warn off negative activity at your site with the following maritime security services:

  • Maritime Security Guards
  • Mobile and Foot Parameter Patrols
  • Visual Criminal Deterrence
  • Rapid Response to Incidents
  • Effective Observation and Detection
  • Access Control to Monitor Illegal Entry and Boundary Breaches
  • CCTV Monitoring

When it comes to your maritime port security we understand what is at stake should you have insufficient measures in place. This is why we leave nothing to chance and have equipped all of our security guards and officers with the robust training and vigorous screening and assessments to ensure every maritime security officer we provide and will offer the complete package you need to ensure the safety of your port is never compromised.

Unprotected ports and harbors are a major security threat not only to you and your crew but to our national security. But by investing in a maritime security provider you can trust, you can detect any issues before they have chance to escalate and reduce your vulnerability to disastrous consequences. We will provide you with the complete solution you need to keep your heightened criminal risk to a minimum.


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