Office Security Guards

Office Security Guards

As the first point of contact for not only your staff but the general public, those who you employ to look after your front office has a huge impact on your business as a whole. This is why we combine unbeatable office security guards with the following services to ensure you have a safe, secure and comfortable environment:

  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction to intruders
  • Monitor your access points
  • Diffuse threatening situations
  • Ability to integrate personalized services into your contract
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for guests
  • Ensure a safe workplace for your personnel
  • Alternative tailored clothing for professional guard image

Becoming part of your team our security officers will often have the most contact with everyone who enters your building, which not only means they need great customer skills but also means they have to deal with a variety of circumstances. Whether you have unruly, abusive intruders who are trying to force their way through your access points or you have a lost, confused visitor who needs assistance, our office security guards have the capability to handle a host of situations.

Understanding that security is a huge part of keeping everything surrounding your office safe, from expensive equipment to invaluable customer data, we know how important it is that we keep your premise secure at all times, especially out of office hours when you’re most vulnerable. By doing this we help you avoid any disturbances or disgruntle personal or patrons.

With our office security measures not only can we ensure your material assets are covered but perhaps more importantly we’ll maintain that feeling of comfort your employees need every day in their workplace. Ensuring this peace of mind whilst giving you the opportunity to create a personalized service which can integrate added extras on your request, from telephony duties to general maintenance, when you choose Eye Spy PI Security you get a service dedicated to your exact needs.

By hiring office security guards today we can give your workplace that level of protection and welcoming atmosphere that makes your environment that enjoyable and safe place to be.




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