The Public Sector

The Public Sector

The public sector deals with governmental administration and has countless obligations to fulfil in order to serve the people that it is accountable for. Consisting of central and regional government and local authorities, the sector faces challenges every single day; however when it comes to protecting it, political stance and beliefs will never jeopardize the welfare of anyone or anything. This is because it is our duty to guard your trade in an impartial and proficient manner.

By reviewing your requirements regularly, we can ensure that you are always working within regulations, whilst guaranteeing that your public sector security service meets your exact requirements dependent on specific location, size of your establishment and the public service being carried out.

Statistics show that on average the police report 65 serious cases of assaults every day in English educational establishments, so why would you ever compromise the welfare of your staff and students? Eye Spy PI Security will make it their duty to counteract crime in and around your buildings to maintain a high level of trust in your establishment, enhancing the educational experience for your pupils.

Our education security officers will proactively promote safety and will go beyond the call of duty to protect everything that’s important to you. They can provide the following services and will create a bespoke solution that suits the exact needs of the educational establishment you need to secure:

  • Static and Mobile Guarding
  • Safeguarding Students and Staff
  • Ensure Specialist Equipment and Finances Remain Secure
  • Controlling of Access Points to Eliminate Intruder Risks
  • Diffusing Unwanted Situations
  • Offering Assistance and Assurance to Students, Staff and Visitors
  • Alternative Tailored Clothing for Professional Guard Image
  • Rapid Alarm Response
  • Monitoring CCTV Deployment and Surveillance

Unfortunately it is not just intruders and outside opportunists you should be wary of. We understand that students themselves sometimes pose a threat to the welfare of those that are important to you. In the Australia alone the latest statistics disclosed under Freedom of Information laws suggest that one in ten acts of violent crime are in fact carried out by students, due classroom, common area assaults and accidents. Even if teachers were strong enough to protect themselves, their actions will undoubtedly be called into question if they use such a defense. With Eye Spy PI Security, crime doesn’t have to be a worry for educational buildings, because our professional security guards will pose as a cost effective visual deterrent and will dissuade against opportunists, ensuring the safety of your staff, students and visitors is always their prime responsibility.

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments encompass large scale premises; often campus sized plots, they will therefore challenge your deployed security measures every single day. So if you’re looking to hire security for educational institutions take refuge in a name you can trust and give us a call today.


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